Wednesday, 2 October 2013

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Thursday, 26 May 2011

hello blog

hi blogpage,

how have you been?? it has been a long time i have blog so say that so little time and so little things to blog.

so i am fine here and been so bz with work and my brand new marriage, and also it has been a wonderful year together with my sweetie muahmuah i love you...

the thing is when comes to mariage is you need a little bit patience with the one you love not by just going with the flow :) be understanding with her and yes its really pays off

so sweetie if you see this I really PRAISE THE LORD we are together as 1 body in Christ :)

I love you with hubby heart and soul


Tuesday, 18 May 2010

the Busy of Travelling

hi all,,

lately i have been bz and all that plus more over is that i travel alot mostly to the west side "K-ell" and also recently have been at Kuching meantly for training purpose but all are well and going i really Praise the Lord for it and...recently went to KL met with my long time brother in chirst too...

well... in KL i don't really have much fun coz have just been in a hotel then out for lunch and dinner and stuff friends meeting up or gathering i don;t think i do have time for that only except that i met anderson...well

i didnt post up and pic as where my handphone camera is not working somehow so i am down with my very short and brief...

thanks all for reading

will be posting more so stay tuned!!!


Thursday, 4 March 2010

hi all....

again i have post the slowest here hahahaha....but never the less the long is that the more story you have rite but my case is a vice versa...

miri have brought drought and haze and to make it worst also air quality is quiet bad espcially in the morning...the feeling of suffocating it is just a matter of whether do you want to breath air or smoke....

here are some of the pic

some pic are courtesy of thanx for that hehee...

so this is what i blog posting about lately and with the haze i really have no idea on what to say tho....

oklah cya wait for my another post might be more interesting and catchy hahahaha..

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

the balikness in blogging

hi peeps.....

been so busy preparing of my wedding and been so busy also after joining and signing up the "M" Club...

so what am i up to lately??? here goes is to know that i have really nothing much to say and to do up in a blog so i am going to cerita sikit lah tok... :P

lately what i am doing especially in my line of work normally i am moving around basically on call(pager) type of work...and recently i've been to this place

well....i know that everybody know about this place and what i am doing in here rite??"?? i call it The "Stone Niah"..

so main thing is that i am here not for a hiking trip or on holiday trip neither but i am here on a business trip lah just mainly lasted for a few hours only hahahaha...(and the crowd says "cheeeyyyyy")

to think of it....its been a long while i have not been here and i have met alot of changes in this little town which i am in awe with it..
been looking around the small pekan it is improve in term of cleanliness rubbish hardly find around the roadsides although the place is kinda messy and sandy which is normal but in terms of "sampah" so well then there goes my road trip

u see kan very short my trip then on my way head back to the Seahorse town coz i am very tired and very sleepy

and that is all....

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

The Busyness

hi all here i introduce you *drums rolling**

have been here for several of times mainly doing some on call service that have been patch up so here i come but one thing is that to get there at first it is kinda hassle for me to travel up and down kuala baram and get the express boat and come down on the same day but somewhere thanx to my colleague mentioned to me that there is a tranportation service that travel on land which takes only 1hour30mins only to get there rather than the boat express which takes around 3 hours depending on the river tide.....

so there i go take up the land transport which cost me about RM40(1way) which is quiet reasonable but the boat express that i heard is arouund RM20(1way) i guess or maybe price had been hike up so i am nt so sure about that

so there i go and the road was quite interesting which some part are muddy and some part are gravel think of it it was a fun and interesting moment of my business trip hahahaha

ok while on the way stumble upon a ferry which is quite interesting to me whereby the ferry is use to crossover using chain from one end to another end sorry cant have the image wish could have but then my camera sot sot abit so i am sorry yea...hahaha

so then when after the ferry it will be a much more interesting road which is sand road....hahaha......along the way are all sand only but there is one problem with sand road coz when rain come pouring or river overflow the road tends to create a some sort like bbq grill like that so when passerby pass thru looking and sitting on their 4WD car its like jumping up and down all the way hahaha but sitting on the 4WD taxi it is more or less the same experince hahaha up and down hahaha we call it bumpy lah hor..... anyway going through all the hassle of that road finnaly end up to the 2nd ferry which is a little bit big but that is the 2nd ferry that takes you directly to marudi....for the prices of both ferry if not come to my mistake i think the whole journey it cost around RM60 like that...

well that is all for that for my story telling..yea yea i know it is kinda boring and kinda lame but at least i do tell rite?? better than nothing hahahaha.... i know rite... :P


Sunday, 6 December 2009


was wondering what happen to nowadays words which can't even goes in to head and which is to come out or even to digest it the correct way or even can make it in to a speculation....

1. lets call it "A" which trying to give information to "B" how thing could work up but then it is wrongly digest that the word of asking or telling it is basically querying on what is concentrate matter but other party take it wrongly as an act of decision or implementation

2. in a way that all thing it is nothing wrong to ask then to judge to each self to set a main point to the extend can loose neither friends or love ones.

what i am trying to say here as for myself isn't wrong to query rather than judging a person what is going to be when before or after a person querying???

i am lost i am being not so my self nowadays and i don't expect friends or anybody to help me out with this but only to hear me out of what i am trying to say before commenting.

.....sitting down in the office alone pondering on what is going next to be is partly a good medication for my calmness and thinking straight a sense that being to straight forward its a good self motivation for revealing a person's natural habits..

speaking about habits we all do have habits from biting our finger nails till the nonstop of smoking...but one thing is that habit can never stop us from making the wrong decision..habits comes in many form and many ways naturally....

what my point is that opinion and comments and also decision making do comes from the heart of men....without it why border living in this world rite???
so all this are come to our nature and senses + common sense(logic) to make us to live in a better world and to survive in it.

God knows us in many ways how to handle it and though we can't see act of God we can feel His presence in his own way... far this i would like to say rather than saying so long and so wide till bored to death...i am just a simple minority which love to make myself and my love one and my family to live in a simple yet blessed life

thanx for your time...